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It's Sports Week in St Brigid's JNS.  Each class are spending a day outside playing games, racing and participating in lots of fun activities including an ice cream from the ice cream van.  We also had a visit from Nore Valley Farm and the children enjoyed finding out about all the animals and got to hold a rabbit and chicks and pet the Nigel the lamb.  
















First and Second Class children had ran a lap of the big field and also had a sprint race.  The winners were:

Second Class

Lap Final:


1st: Latisha Miguel                       

2nd: Gladys Okereke                   

3rd: Zoe Hooper 



1st: Sean Conway

2nd: Nadim Remic

3rd: Harry Manlogo


Sprint Final:     


1st: Maggie Wall                           

2nd: Latisha Miguel                     

3rd: Gladys Okereke


1st: Sean Conway

2nd: Nadim Remic

3rd: Simon Mc Donagh

First Class

Girls lap final:

Madison Miller 1st

Chelsea Cawley 2nd

Alisha Lawrence 3rd


Boys lap:

Logan Scully 1st

Brunelly Uzoigwe 2nd

Layden Kinsella 3rd


Girls Sprint:

Janella Asimbulie 1st

Alisha Lawrence 2nd

Chelsea Cawley 3rd


Boys Sprint:

Lee Mc Quillan 1st

Brunelly Uzoigwe 2nd 

Logan Scully 3rd.

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