Trip to Glasnevin

All parents are invited to join Emily on a historical trip to Glasnevin cemetry on Tuesday 19th November.  Text Emily on 087 6032333 with your name and the word 'Glasnevin' if you would like to go. 

Shopping trip to Newry

All parents are welcome to come on a shopping trip to Newry on Friday 6th December.  This is a trip for adults only.  If you would like to go, please text Emily on 087 6032333 with your name and the word 'Newry'.

Doodle Families

We have 11 families in 1st Class attending Doodle Families.  Doodle Families runs for 8 weeks and looks at ways parents can help their child.  The programme includes a trip to the library and a party at the last session.

Lego Club

Junior and Senior Infant parents are coming to school every Wednesday to participate in Lego activities with their child.  The course develops children's oral language and maths skills through play.

Bedtime Reading Club

The Bedtime Reading Club is starting in Junior Infants after Halloween.  All parents are invited into their child's classroom at 9am once a week.  The parent andn child pick a book together and the parent brings it home to read with their child.  Mrs. Cooke and Mrs. Cooney - Wednesdays; Ms. Reilly - Tuesdays.


Maths Treasure Boxes

There was a great turn out for the Maths Treasure Boxes this term.  Thanks to all the parents who took part.  





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